2020 Annual Certification Requirements

In order to sell any AARP UnitedHealthcare products in 2020, you are required to take their certification. Please go to www.pipac.com/UHCCert20. Once logged in with your new Optum ID and password, you will click on the Knowledge Center tab. In the drop-down you will find the Certification link under the Training heading.  From there you will click on the Launch Certifications button.  You will then find “Certifications” link the top left-hand corner of the next page.

You are required to pass the assessments at 85% within six (6) attempts.
If you do not pass a pre-requisite assessment in six attempts, you will not be able to sell any AARP UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions products for the 2020 selling season.

If you have taken AHIP through another company, you MUST click on “2020 AHIP (EDC Only)” FIRST in order to use AHIP to complete some of your prerequisite courses.

Product courses and assessments for the plans you want to sell:

The plans that PIPAC offers are the AARP Medicare Advantage, the AARP Medicare Supplement, the AARP PDP plans and the Chronic Condition and Dual Special Needs Plans. These are the only PRODUCT certifications you should take to sell through PIPAC.

Click here for the Certification Guide.

All training documents are at www.pipac.com under the “UnitedHealthcare Individual & Medicare” tab if you would like to review them.

If you still have questions regarding the website or navigating the test, please contact the Producer Help Desk at 888-381-8581.

Please contact Carol at carol@pipac.com or Beth at beth@pipac.com with any other questions.