2020 Annual Certification Requirements

In order to sell the WellCare Prescription Drug Plans as well as to continue to receive renewal commissions, you are required to take the WellCare annual certification. 

AHIP is required for the WellCare certification.  To access the AHIP training you will need to go to the WellCare AHIP link – CLICK HERE

Once logged in, you will take the AHIP training and the cost is $125.  If you have already taken the AHIP training, you will still log into the WellCare AHIP link and transmit your AHIP credit to WellCare.

To access the WellCare specific training, please go to www.pipac.com/WellCare20 and login.  Once logged in, you will then need to click on Open Curriculum link.  There are 4 modules that will need to be completed before you will have access to the Mastery Exam.  You must attain a passing score of 85% or better, on the Mastery Exam, and you are only allowed 3 attempts.  After each failed attempt there is a lock out period of 24 hours before the training can be re-accessed and the Mastery Exam can be attempted again.  Failure to pass the third attempt will result in a suspended status for 6 months to reattempt the exam and the agent may not market WellCare products.

Click Here for the WellCare certification communication.

If you still have questions regarding the website or navigating the test, please contact WellCare’s Agent Services at 1-866-822-1339.

Please contact Beth at beth@pipac.com or Carol at carol@pipac.com with any other questions.